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it seems like all anyone on tumlbr ever does is reblog stuff.

I like wordpress because its more organized, and you can actually talk about stuff.

plus theres no down time!


So my last post was about Nicki Minaj’s album, Pink Friday.
The album is really good. Like, really really good. Especially for a debut album. The album has a lot of hits, and songs that are just really good. And I think at least 80% of the songs on the album will end up being really popular, which doesn’t happen to often with albums. As for her singing, I think the only song she “sings” in, is Right Thu Me. If that’s what she calls singing, don’t get me wrong, I love the album.


So, Im sure you’ve heard of Nicki Minaj. She has been featured in many many songs and has a few good songs of her own. Her new album is due to release November 23rd 2010, its called Pink Friday.. in honor of Black Friday.

Umm. Yeah. Heres a video of her talking about it.

I’m waiting to see how good it is, we all know that she can rap. But she said that she sings in it ( in a different video)  and I’m not sure if Nicki Minaj and singing belong in the same sentence. That’s like Lil Wayne singing, it just doesn’t work ( no offense to Lil Wayne, I like his music )



So the show Heroes, starring Hayden Panettiere as a indestructable cheerleader, is awesome.


The show has four seasons, ended in February 2010. Which I think, they should have continued because I love the show and it did very well. The first season got over 14 million views in the US alone. Have you ever seen the show ? what are your opinions?


So apparently Justin Bieber pushed a young kid at a laser tag place on october 18th ?

That’s kind of weird..

Justin said that he thought the little kid was going to push him and that he was just defending himself.

If you were going to be hit / pushed by a little kid would you even be scared enough to defend yourself back ?

I guess if Justin was defending himself, so be it.

I guess nothing happened from the incident. The whole thing cost under $60.00


Shane Dawson,


Brittani Taylor,

Philip Defranco

are some of the best youtubers out theree

Whatcha think?


I think Katy Perry is awesome, period.

Shes an amazing artist,

Shes gorgeous,

and super nice.

What do you think?


Do you like her? I think shes amazing. Some people think that shes grose because of her hair, but, its FAKE.. not fake hair, but its obvious that she didn’t not bath for a week to get her hair like that..

& yes, I must say, she uses to much glitter, but whatever.

I do like the fact that she has her own youtube channel and actually makes videos. Yeah she has her bodyguard with her but wouldn’t you? And people say that her youtube videos are “professional” so they can’t actually be “real” , well, if you were a famous and rich artist wouldn’t you buy a nice camera?  I would!

well, what do you think?


Okay so the show teen mom,

I like the show, but one thing I don’t understand, why are all these baby mamas broke if they have been raising their kids on national television for two years ? What do they do it for free ?

Also, I forget the mothers name, the baby’s name is Leah, and the mother keeps getting back with the baby daddy, and she needs to stop. The only reason he should be in the picture is money!

Bently’s father needs to stop acting the way he does (I don’t want to describe the way he acts on her xD ) but yeah, I only remember the kids name for some reason, or maybe its because its really late right now.. who knows!

what are your thoughts on the show?

lemmee know !


Dont you hate the word “faggot”? I do, and its one of the words that piss me off the most. Whenever I hear someone say that word, it makes me sad/mad for a moment. Makes me want to punch the person in the face, but at the same time makes me wonder why people can’t realize there’s nothing wrong with it.

Just because someone chooses to be bisexual or gay dosnt meant that their going to go to hell or something like that, they just wanna find “the one” even if its the same gender as them! They don’t wanna end up being like 60 and single like you (no offense to single 60 year olds, well, except if you hate gays/bisexuals!)

Yes, I do feel that there are a growing number of gays and bisexuals, people keep talking about it like its a secret. ITS NOT, well maybe some people don’t know yet because of the stupid laws that make them unable to show public affection.

I also hate that straight guys think they can’t be friends with bisexual guys, just because their bisexual doesn’t mean they wanna _ _ _ _ you! Like, that’s like saying every straight girl in the world wants to too!

Whats your opinion on bisexuals / gays ?