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Bisexuality / Gays.

Dont you hate the word “faggot”? I do, and its one of the words that piss me off the most. Whenever I hear someone say that word, it makes me sad/mad for a moment. Makes me want to punch the person in the face, but at the same time makes me wonder why people can’t realize there’s nothing wrong with it.

Just because someone chooses to be bisexual or gay dosnt meant that their going to go to hell or something like that, they just wanna find “the one” even if its the same gender as them! They don’t wanna end up being like 60 and single like you (no offense to single 60 year olds, well, except if you hate gays/bisexuals!)

Yes, I do feel that there are a growing number of gays and bisexuals, people keep talking about it like its a secret. ITS NOT, well maybe some people don’t know yet because of the stupid laws that make them unable to show public affection.

I also hate that straight guys think they can’t be friends with bisexual guys, just because their bisexual doesn’t mean they wanna _ _ _ _ you! Like, that’s like saying every straight girl in the world wants to too!

Whats your opinion on bisexuals / gays ?


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