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Tumblr vs WordPress ?

December 31, 2010

it seems like all anyone on tumlbr ever does is reblog stuff. I like wordpress because its more organized, and you can actually talk about stuff. plus theres no down time! Advertisements

Pink Friday ~ NICKI MINAJ

December 28, 2010

So my last post was about Nicki Minaj’s album, Pink Friday. The album is really good. Like, really really good. Especially for a debut album. The album has a lot of hits, and songs that are just really good. And I think at least 80% of the songs on the album will end up being […]

Nicki Minaj

October 21, 2010

So, Im sure you’ve heard of Nicki Minaj. She has been featured in many many songs and has a few good songs of her own. Her new album is due to release November 23rd 2010, its called Pink Friday.. in honor of Black Friday. Umm. Yeah. Heres a video of her talking about it. I’m […]

Heroes !

October 21, 2010

So the show Heroes, starring Hayden Panettiere as a indestructable cheerleader, is awesome.   The show has four seasons, ended in February 2010. Which I think, they should have continued because I love the show and it did very well. The first season got over 14 million views in the US alone. Have you ever […]


September 5, 2010

Shane Dawson, iJustine, Brittani Taylor, Philip Defranco are some of the best youtubers out theree Whatcha think?

Katy Perry!

September 4, 2010

I think Katy Perry is awesome, period. Shes an amazing artist, Shes gorgeous, and super nice. What do you think?


September 4, 2010

Do you like her? I think shes amazing. Some people think that shes grose because of her hair, but, its FAKE.. not fake hair, but its obvious that she didn’t not bath for a week to get her hair like that.. & yes, I must say, she uses to much glitter, but whatever. I do […]

Teen Mom!

September 3, 2010

Okay so the show teen mom, I like the show, but one thing I don’t understand, why are all these baby mamas broke if they have been raising their kids on national television for two years ? What do they do it for free ? Also, I forget the mothers name, the baby’s name is […]

Bisexuality / Gays.

September 3, 2010

Dont you hate the word “faggot”? I do, and its one of the words that piss me off the most. Whenever I hear someone say that word, it makes me sad/mad for a moment. Makes me want to punch the person in the face, but at the same time makes me wonder why people can’t […]

What Music do you like ?

September 3, 2010

Let me know!