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Avatar the Last Airbender!

Have you ever watched that show? Its awesome! Its like, all your childhood imagination wrapped up into one little half hour block.

The show is about Aang, the avatar / last airbender (who was frozen in a block of ice for 100 years,which allowed the fire nation to take control of a most of the world) , his friends Katara, Saka (Katara’s brother), and Toff (introduced in the second season of the show)

There are 4 elements, Air, Water, Earth and Fire. Only the avatar can learn to bend (control) all four.

There are diffrent groups for all four, the water tribes, the earth kingdom, the fire nation, and the air nomads.

Katara is a water bender, a very strong one. She was the last one of the southern water tribe. The only water tribes are located at the north and south pole.

Saka, who does not have any bending powers, uses weapons like a boomerang and swords to fight with.

Toff, who is a blind earth bender, uses her feet to see by feeling vibrations.. which makes her a even better earth bender.

The plot of season one is this guy named Sukko is chasing the avatar to capture him and bring him back to his father (the fire lord), the fire nation has taken over most of the world because they think they are the superior benders. Sukko has been banished from the fire nation and thinks that capturing the avatar will restore his “honor” .

Anyways.. its a great show, check it out.


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